That one was almost perfect, wasn’t it?

With Photo Doctoring Blending, we can take an image that wasn’t quite right (like the family portrait where Uncle Kevin has his eyes shut), and blend it with another to get a great photo.

Photo Doctoring Improving improves existing photos. Perhaps it is just too dark, too noisy, under exposed, or many other common problems. Another common problem is keystone effects or perspective problems where you wish you were standing in a different place when you took the picture. With the Photo Doctoring Improving service, we can make these memories last by improving the quality of the picture. Cell phones may be the best camera you have with you, but they don’t always get the picture you thought. We can’t fix blurry, but many other pictures just look better.

Photo Doctoring Retouching is a service to improve portraits. Perhaps it is skin blemishes that you wish to have some digital makeup cover up, hair gaps, teeth, eyes, etc. Photo Doctoring Retouching can improve these close ups. If you took a group of photos for Senior pictures or a portfolio shoot, bought the CD, and want to have them all professionally retouched (or some of them) we can help.

Photo Doctoring by Quote. If you have customized needs, drop us an e-mail, or give us a call. We will be glad to assist.

How to get your photos to us

For photos small enough to e-mail, send to: For larger digital files, you can upload them at our uploads page.

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