Preserving memories takes many forms. The digitizing service aims to preserve memories in older formats such as 8mm or 16mm films, VHS, slides, photo negatives, and photos. Once in digital form, memories don’t fade with time. You also can view them on your current technology and don’t have to keep old Bell and Howe bulbs around for your projectors.

  • Photographs 
    • Digitizing antique photos ($5.00/picture, no minimum) (View in eStore)
    • Digitizing photo negatives ($.35/picture, minimum 20 exposures) (View in eStore)
    • Digitizing photos (3×4 to 5×7 photos, minimum 20 photos) ($.20/picture) (View in eStore)
    • Digitizing photos (8×10 to 8.5×11 photos, no minimum) ($2.00/picture) (View in eStore)
    • Digitizing slides ($.35/slide, minimum 20 slides) (View in eStore)
  • Video

To send us your media, please consider a traceable method for shipping such as UPS or FedEx so your packages will not be lost in the mail. We do accept packages from the United States Postal Service too. Also, please consider how you pack your memories so they are not damaged during the shipping process.

Once you have your materials, please send to:

The Preservation Room
1169 Stroud Ct.
Westerville, OH 43081-1134

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